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Birthdate:Apr 24, 1985
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
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ac/dc, air, american civil war, anime, archaeology, art, atlantis, atlantis: the lost empire, axis powers hetalia, b.p.r.d., baking, bakuretsu hunters, batman, bauhaus, black sabbath, burlesque, cabaret, cheap trick, children on stun, classic country, classic rock, classical music, coins, comic books, cooking, criminal minds, cupcakes, deadbolt, dean winchester, demented are go, der blutharsch, derniere volonte, dexter, dinosaurs, disney, dixie, drawing, early music, exotica, fluffy puppies, foreigner, garage rock, glam rock, gloria mundi, gore gore girls, gothic rock, grimm, guro, h. g. wells, h. p. lovecraft, hellboy, holidays, horror movies, isaac asimov, jack the ripper, jayne mansfield, jensen ackles, johnny cash, joy division, jules verne, kuroshitsuji, led zeppelin, lost civilisations, lost universe, metal, michael c. hall, monster, music, nekromantix, neo-victorian, neofolk, new wave, new york dolls, photography, post-punk, powerpop, psychobilly, punk, puppycats, queen, raveonettes, ray bradbury, rob zombie, robert ballard, rockabilly, route 66, roxy music, science, sieben, simon baker, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, spiderman, steampunk, supernatural, surf rock, the adverts, the big bang theory, the cramps, the great mouse detective, the launderettes, the mentalist, the meteors, the misfits, the she creatures, the time machine, the wicker man, thee ultra bimboos, thomas gibson, time travel, torchwood, two broke girls, typography, uniforms, victorian era, volcanoes, von thronstahl, wanda jackson, webdesign, wilhelm richard wagner, ww1, ww2
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